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The Facts - while living and working in West Virginia and Maryland it has become increasingly clear that all owners, developers and architects share a common need: We all live and work in an area, city or state, where there is an ever-increasing need for us - to locate and utilize the services of an experienced, quality and dependable masonry contractor - that will maintain production goals and provide cost savings. And all of us in the construction industry share a common danger: If we don't succeed in that task of experience, quality, production and savings, we are not likely to flourish, or perhaps even exist, in the 21st century.

Thus communication is the key to our future. And the key to effective communication consists of two elements - first, having a message to communicate, and second, working very hard and consistently to convey that message to people everywhere.

For several years, the BAC District Council of WV and its partners have provided market development & technical services for owners, developers and architects. Now the BAC District Council of WV wants to provide you, the owner, developer and architect, with a common body of facts and information about our history, services, membership and partner contractors that you can draw upon to help you understand our partnership effectively, accurately and easily.

In using this material, please remember: That this information does not describe all the services available to you and your company through the BAC District Council of WV and its partners - that would be impossible - and you will need and want to explore additional options and services that become available.

We urge you to use this information to help you prepare, plan, design and construct your various building and construction projects. We strive to be "Your Source for Experience, Quality and Savings".

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Leroy Hunter, Jr., Director
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